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"I grew up in Minas Gerais in southern Brazil on my father's coffee plantation. In the midst of the coffee growers I learned how really good Brazilian coffee should taste. I want everyone to enjoy the top quality of the coffee from my native country. That is why I took the initiative to create the Cafe Brazil UK"

Our Coffee in the context of the United Nations

Better known as the Stockholm Conference, several principles were established to guide the environmental policies for the whole planet, with the following pillars: Human Rights, National Resources Management, Pollution Prevention, Environment and the Warfare Material Development.

In this context, Brazil’s New Forest Code of 2012 provided a legal framework for the protection of native vegetation, a conquest that conciliates conservation and production, with the definition of rules to regularize rural properties in this regard.

The main coffee producing regions of Brazil are located in states in which rural properties have, on average, a percentage of their area dedicated to native vegetation conservation above the amount required by the Brazilian Forestry Code. 

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We believe in the sustainability of the Brazilian coffee chain through respect of labor and environmental laws, considered one of the most rigorous in the world, as well by the solid economic outcome generated year by year. Therefore we source our coffee from certified farmers only.

The BSCA seal is the guarantee that the coffee we sell is produced with high quality. The BSCA seal is unique to speciality coffees.

The UTZ seal is the seal that our coffee supports sustainable agriculture. Thanks to the UTZ program, farmers learn better working conditions and can take better care of their family and nature.


The USDA Organic seal is the North American seal created by the United States Department of Agriculture. This seal aims to develop, maintain and expand access for organic products from different countries in the American market.

The national regulations of Brazil have been in force since 2003, it is mandatory in accordance with Law 10831/2003 and Decree 6323/2007 for all companies that produce and process organic products. Kiwa BCS Brasil is registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply with code 032; and can carry out inspections and certifications throughout the national territory.

The Rainforest Alliance has developed innovative, farm and landscape-level strategies to tackle tropical deforestation—a proven, 360-degree approach that addresses not only immediate environmental threats, but also the underlying economic pressures that contribute to them.

The Certifica Minas Cafe certificate encourages producers to adopt good production practices, modern property managment and encourages enviromental preservation.

There are two coffee varieties cultivated in Brazil, the Arabica coffee and the Robusta coffee, also known as Conillon coffee.
Cattle ranching is the leading cause of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest In Brazil.

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